Question for the board…. Is this KJs last home game?

Yes or No?

I’m going with yes… and I wanted to thank him for everything,… hope I’m wrong and he’s back…

Also, I think or next QB is the back up at UNC right now…

Go hogs!


Who is the UNC backup? Mercy

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Jacolby Criswell from Morrilton is the backup QB at NC. Many speculate that he will hit the portal since he won’t see the light of day behind Drake Maye.

Got no idea on Jefferson.


I’m going to say no, but it is a shaky no. Would love to see Criswell come home to Arkansas, but I doubt he comes, if KJ stays.

I think at worst JC would have to sit a year if he comes home… he would have to sit two if he stays at UNC… and I don’t think he has but 2 maybe 3 years left… I think JC comes home before Christmas…

Agree on JC

I say yes on KJ……

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The reports from here in Chapel Hill before the first game were that Criswell and Maye were neck and neck, Maye barely beat him out, Maye would start, but if he faltered at all Criswell would come in. Then Maye hit the ground running, he has been absolutely amazing all year, and is a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate. Criswell was Sam Howell’s backup for two years before that; Howell was perhaps UNC’s best QB ever, and Maye might be even better. Don’t know why Criswell came to sit two years behind Howell, who had already started and starred the year before Criswell came, but if Criswell was neck and neck with Maye, I’d have him in a heartbeat.

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Howell and Maye are very good QBs… no Shame in losing out to either of those two… JC can play, and would be a starter lots of places…he’d be an improvement to our QB room…

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Where is it that we think KJ is going? NFL rosters usually only have 3 QBs. He’s not a NFL starter and 1-2 are usually a veteran. Do we think he has shown NFL scouts that he is one of the 32 guys with the highest upside over the last several years to be worth the lone developmental spot? Guess he could leave to be a practice squad guy but that’s not an easy road either. I think he’s a good to great college player, and has the potential to be even better, but he can’t be a bulldozer in the NFL. I think going pro was a reasonable guess if we had matched preseason expectations, but I think he needs another year to show improved accuracy in the short to mid range game and to hopefully show he can stay healthy for a year (probably by taking less of a pounding). But maybe I’m way off…


Both KJ and Jalen Catalon need to come back for another year and try to play whole year without being impacted by injuries. If they chose to go to NFL , they can look to Feleipe Frank’s situation (fighting for right situation and opportunity) in my opinion. Hopefully, if they do leave , I hope they have their degrees in hand.

Don’t think Catalon is coming back. Most likely focusing on Pro Day.
As for KJ, IMHO he’s currently not a high draft pick. Might be drafted in the lower rounds and be considered a project.
UA…Campus of Champions

I hope not and cannot believe someone is advising him to do so unless I’m asleep at the wheel ! WPS

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I think Cat and KJ return. Im sure they both test the idea of going pro, but suspect both would get low draft grades… Hope they can stay healthy next year and play great.

I think if KJ can get drafted he leaves. Injuries could prevent him from making money. Not sure exactly his family situation or money needs.

Outside chance of being a free agent at the very best. No way, no how he gets drafted. Great college quarterback at times, but not a draft-worthy pro, IMO.

KJ’s game, currently, doesn’t transfer to the NFL well. His footwork isn’t all that great and his passes are often late. His best ball seems to be the long ball. He needs another year if he wants to get drafted. He also really needs a QB coach that can help him develop his game for the NFL if that’s what he wants to do.

I hope for his sake and ours he comes back. While it’s MHO he is practice squad at best, he might want to give it a shot.

I don’t see KJ being drafted but you never know… Catalon? I’d be surprised to see him back, at all.

I have been told its well known KJ is coming back. he has no draft stock to speak of. Next year, we will be in pre-season Heisman conversation.

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I say he comes back.