Question for the board (basketball recruiting)

Imagine a scenario where the early signing period is in a week or so.

A highly coveted (top 30) 2021 recruit from Texas has Arkansas in his final 2 (50/50) with only one scholarship remaining but he doesnt plan to make a decision for another 2 weeks (the final day to sign)

In the meantime a INSTATE 2021 top150 recruit (high ³ STAR) appears to be ready to sign his LOI the first available day and Penny Hardaway is in pursuit because his younger brother a projected 2022 Mcdonalds All-American is a top 5 recruit.

What do you do.

Daytona, drop some names if you don’t mind. I’m having trouble following you.

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Take the home state guy. and his brother. The Texas guy sounds like he is taking bids, let him alone.

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Not a true scenario just looking for opinions without the possibility of offending any recruit or family member.

The staff would make the best available call based on where they think they stand with the prospects and needs. Several other variables to consider.

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The first thing I would say is that Coach Musselman would do what he had to do to field the best team.

So if there were too many players for the 13 scholarships, somebody who had not contributed much would move/be moved on.


As Nolan used to say, “the numbers work themselves out.”

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