Question for the board about current players

So as of right now we are over the limit of 13 scholarships ? If the good Lord shines down on us and we get Blackshear how many are we over?

Wondering what your thoughts are on this:

So is CEM going to force players out to make room this late in the process? If some of our current players have any chance of landing at a decent school shouldn’t they already be in the transfer portal? Seems to me that most decent D1 schools would be out of scholarships this late in the game.

Right now they have 14 players who could be on scholarship

  1. Adrio Bailey
    2.Jalen Harris
  2. Mason Jones
  3. Isaiah Joe
  4. Desi Sills
  5. Reggie Chaney
  6. Gabe O
    8 Ethan Henderson
  7. Khalil Garland
  8. Justice Hill
  9. Jeantal Cylla
  10. Jimmy Whitt
    13… Connor Vanover
  11. JD Notae

Khalil Garland is expected to go on medical hardship so that would get you down to the NCAA limit of 13.

Add someone else, someone either has to walk on or exit.

There is no need for someone to be waived or leave right now.

Thanks Dudley!