Question for Swine regarding inside construction cam

Swine…just looked at the inside construction cam a few minutes ago as I do essentially every day just to see what has changed. In zooming in, it appears that there is now a gate up for the ramp behind the goal post. Please please please tell me that is not a gate bringing back the “hog pen” is it??? I thought we were doing away with it! Maybe I am seeing it wrong but there are 2 people standing right up next to it. Please tell me it is NOT BACK!!!

It does look like a gate. No FFH on it yet but that bears watching. Don’t mind there being a gate if they don’t treat it like a stockyard before the game.

4:09 p.m. update: No one working on the gate currently, but it is definitely a gate. Still no FFH though.

Looks like they painting something grey ? Looks like a paint can ?

Thought occurs to me. All it takes to create a new “tradition” is people who don’t know or care what has been done previously.

Prime example: The Wolf Call. For some reason our student body started to begin the call A-Woo. Now it seems that despite all us sticklers protesting otherwise, our Hog call has morphed into a wolf. Can we get it back? Remains to be seen.

Same with the gate. HY and CM haven’t been here, haven’t paid attention to what was done in the past. The gate at the north end is the only thing they know. They also may not know that some/many fans don’t care for it. In that case, if you don’t like it, let HY know.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I thought it was a gate!!! Thanks for confirming my fears lol!!! I really didn’t like it in the past but maybe it will be better coming out of that tunnel but who knows. It was going so good until the gate appeared lol!

4:40 pm update: Gate is now half open, which confirms that it is a gate. Still nothing on it. Even at full magnification you can’t really tell anything about the gate other than it’s something you can’t see through (i.e., not chain link or something similar).

The gate is shown in the pictures under Stadium Update on In the pictures of the field level boxes, you can catch a glimpse of it in the left side of the picture. So it’s been in the works all along, whether they put FFH on it or not or anything else on it I guess will be determined later.

Simple question: Why do you not like it? Is it because it’s new or came in under the last regime or what? Not saying you’re wrong for disliking the Hog Pen, but wondering. I’d never remember hearing anybody say one way or another about it.

Update on this.

Just saw a picture on Twitter, the gate has a traditional, side shot of the hog, not the FFH.

SoArkHog…thanks for the question. Just wasn’t a big fan of it. It always seemed somewhat high schoolish to me and somewhat cheesy. Looked like a prop you just threw up over night which was probably the case lol. My buddies were not big fans of it either and they are Hog fans. Maybe it will look better with the new updates to the stadium, If so, then I will be on board.

Yep, see that on the construction cam. That’s better.

Thanks for your candidness. I do like the idea, although it looks much, much better with the traditional Hog on it and not the FFH. And it does appear like it will fit into the renovation and not stand out as much as it did before. But we shall see tomorrow. Come back and tell me what you think about it after the game.