Question for stats guys on individual rushing yards

I think with the bowl game we had four players with more than 500 rushing yards (Jefferson, Smith, Johnson and Sanders). Have we ever had this before?

Nice multi-player punch. Think Green went over two hundred as well. All but one coming back.

From Bob Holt’s article…

“The Razorbacks finished a season with four players rushing for more than 500 yards for the first time since 1975, when running backs Ike Forte, Jerry Eckwood and Rolland Fuchs and quarterback Scott Bull did it.”

And in '75, bowl stats didn’t count so we had to get them in the 11 regular season games.

Thanks for the replies. It’s almost as if Bob was able to read my mind and answer the question, or we think a lot alike.

Scary either way.

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Remember that previous team - the 1976 Cotton Bowl was the first bowl I saw in person.

Fun team to watch and a nice win over Georgia in the Cotton Bowl.

That is the Arkansas backfield I compared this current backfield to after the win over Texas.

I was in 6th grade - no responsibilities but school and keeping up with the Razorbacks. My family had seats in the south end zone at War Memorial. I had figured out what had to happen after we lost a close one to Texas to achieve the three way tie with A&M and Texas. That I thought if A&M beat Texas we would beat them the last game of the season in War Memorial producing the three way tie for conference champs and under the current rules for selecting the Cotton Bowl representative we would get the invite. A lot of research for a sixth grader before the internet. (And all three teams had to win all their other conference games.)

Most of it came from reading all the hog coverage in the Gazette - consisting of everything your dad wrote and the others covering the Razorbacks - but mostly OH.

I began lobbying early that if my prediction came true that Santa should bring us six Cotton Bowl tickets.

It all happened - topped off with the great game with A&M in the cold at War Memorial - that also produce “The Catch by the Immortal Teddy Barnes” with the ball pinned with the point against his face mask.

We went on come from behind against Georgia and win 31-10 after Vince Dooley had his trick shoe string play blow up in their face.

Great team - tough with good play in all three phases of the game. Amazing what one remembers from 46 years ago.

PS: I was a kid that struggled with reading early in elementary school. I always credit your dad for making me a better reader. I wanted to be able to talk Razorback football with my dad, who had been a coach, and my older brothers, and knew that to be able to stay in the conversation I had to read OH’s articles in the paper. Nothing like the Sunday paper where his article started on the front page (of the main paper- not the sports section) and might fill up two more full pages.


PG, I’ve heard stories like yours throughout my life.

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