Question for Staff about content coverage

I enjoy the postgame videos from the players and DVH. I also like to see the pressers from the opposing players and coaches? Do they not hold pressers or do they just not get posted here or is that even a thing that’s done.

Most of the time I can dig around on youtube and find them eventually, but I was curious if those are considered for content here?

Visiting teams have never had press conferences at Baum, unless it is a regional or super regional.

Van Horn’s press conferences start immediately after the game — followed by the Razorback players. Each visiting team has a different postgame routine but none include formal pressers at Baum.

We work to get opposing coach and player quotes, but we have to use our resources wisely at games. The most important thing is to talk to Arkansas’ players and coach. By the time those interviews are over, the team bus has already pulled out sometimes.

FYI, these were the quotes we got yesterday from Ole Miss.

Justin Bench
On coming up short

“The last two games I thought we played good. The last game we left runners on base and today we just didn’t have that big hit. We needed one more.”

On Bianco’s message to the team

“It’s a tough one and we’ve got to keep going with it; keep playing like we did today and it will eventually turn around.”

John Gaddis
On his performance coming off appendix surgery

“Good. It’s still a little sore around the incisions, but my arm and stuff feels good. I threw my first time off the mound Wednesday and then this was my first time in a game since then. It felt good, though. I was happy with what was happening, happy with my velo.”

On Derek Diamond

“Derek competed his butt off. I mean you take away two swings and it’s a totally different ballgame. I thought that first one, I thought it had too bad of a launch angle; I didn’t realize he hit it that hard. I didn’t think it was going out off the bat. He just competed today and that’s all you can ask for out of your starter.”

Mike Bianco
“It is a tough one. The kids are playing their butts off and they’re competing, they’re trying — we’re just coming up a little short. It wasn’t a great day for Derek, but certainly on Day 3 to get you to the fifth and keep the game intact, and of course it was nice to see John back out there and do what he did, and of course a clean eighth for BJ. It was a tough one. They pitched it well. They hit around a lot of walks. We just couldn’t get the big hit.”

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