Question for Richard and Dudley

I’ll readily admit it - I’m pretty ignorant on this subject, and I’d appreciate a little bit of educating.

I see the article about Southwest Christian Academy in Little Rock, and there are players from Serbia, Australia, Canada and across the US. How does this happen? Are there schools like this across the country that are known Basketball “farms” that top prospects gravitate or are funneled to? If so, how does that (legally) work? Do AAU coaches direct kids to these schools?

Thanks in advance.

They don’t have the same restrictions the other schools have in state because of belonging to the AAA. It’s all about connections and the trust that you’ll treat the kids right and help them with opportunities.

For instance, PF Malden Armus signed with East Tennessee State while PF/C Emir Ahmedic signed with ORU. Both are from Serbia so that helped recruit the current kids from Serbia to SWC. Same with Gabe to Arkansas, that helped recruit other kids from Canada.