Question for Richard and Dudley

Where do you think the Hogs recruiting class will finish in the rankings?

No expert on the rankings. Appears to be a top 20 class at the end of the day but how do the other schools in and around them in the rankings close out and how many do they add?

Add M’bake and that helps. Can they get one of the two of G. Williams or L. Welch? If they somehow got both I would assume you would be looking at a top 15 finish.


Regardless, pretty salty given what they had to work with last year. The benefits of this season should show up in 2023 and 2024 classes. Those will be the third and fourth and second with most of this staff. Should see solid additions by then. Plus more evidence of conditioning and extra development of those who red shirted.

The hogs are mid pack of the SEC in the rankings right now at 7! With Missouri and Kentucky ahead of the hogs. Those 2 shouldn’t be in front of the hogs. Florida sits at the rear.
It would be nice to get a little higher.

The weight room has sure showed up on the field. They were in better shape than in years past for sure.
The development of players under Coach Pittman and his staff will get better as time goes on.

Drinkwitz must be a hell of a recruiter Their facilities look inferior to me and Columbia isn’t that nice of a town My ex grew up 30 miles from Columbia. I’ve been on their campus many times.

Purely a guesstimate at this point, but as I would say a high of 15 and bottom of 25 is a range that you’ll see.

Of course former 5-satr Jadon Haslewood and any other transfers won’t be included in the ratings of ESPN, 247Sport or Rivals so it’s not really as accurate a representation as it is just with high school kids.

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Current Arkansas Recruiting Ranks:

Rivals: 12th nationally, 4th SEC

247 Sports: 17th nationally, 7th SEC

ESPN: 22nd nationally, 8th in SEC

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