Question for recruiting insiders

Has the number of recruits Arkansas is projected to sign in football for 2018 changed?

Would Arkansas take both O-Lineman, Noah Banks and Curtis Dunlap?

Will check but I can’t imagine them not taking Banks and another OL like Jahmir Johnson or Dunlap.

I could also possibly see a benifit to take all 3. It seems as if there may be some transfers after the season. The math seems to show that anyway.

At this point, it is all speculation. With potential coaching changes, that could affect not only commits, but also current roster players. In either case, the numbers change. Even without coaching change, I expect several spots to open up with transfers. Whether the coach fills those with walk-ons or not is another factor.

Yep, I think there will be transfers whether there is a new coach or not. Just as a for-instance, it is not at all farfetched to think that Ty Storey and Cole Hedlund will seek new opportunities, to name two scholarships that could easily open up.

Ty Story enter the UA, Jan. 2015. He will be on campus 3.5 years at the end of this Spring semester. I’m just speculating, but he might be able to transfer as grad transfer this coming Fall.

Quite possible. He would have two years as a grad transfer, eligible immediately, somewhere else in FBS.

For Ty Story that may be best as far as getting a chance to play goes.

i can think of 5 to 8 that probably should look elsewhere. when there is a new coach i would expect some announcements once new coach and staff do evaluations. Players that fit whatever style they run and players that were just misses in past recruiting. wonder how that would affect our academic standing stuff. i guess it doesn’t matter, we are last in the league anyway. i would imagine a new coach will sign as many as he can and work it out before next season starts. We will lose a couple of recruits, but who knows who the new coach might be able to bring in.

Maybe we should hold our powder until there is a coaching change, I would doubt there will be any until after New Years. Then the coaching carousel will get in full swing and it will be a free for all just within the Sec it would seem much less across the country.With AA graduating and CK in hot water TS might wait and see how the wind is blowing as far as transferring he might get some action the next two games and show something the coaches hadn’t seen in him !WPS

If there’s a coaching change it’ll be before New Year because of the early signing period.

The early signing period is Dec. 20-22.

If there is a change made, the new coach needs to in place soon after the Missouri game so he can recruit the weekends in early December.

If there is a change made, the new coach needs to be able to get his staff in quickly, but if that new guy’s team is in a bowl (as it should be) then that would complicate matters.

Basically it is useless speculation at this point although I do think there are at least 8 out of the 12 that would stay with Arkansas if the new coach wants them to stay.