Question for recruiting insiders

With all the back and forth in some of the threads about talent and offers and who offered who, etc.

How do you know if a kid really has an offer or is just embellishing his offer list? Do you have some way to verify? I mean if we say that so and so on the Oline or Dline had an offer from Bama for instance…outside of calling up ole Nick and asking him if he offered how do you know if that is the case? I see the impressive offer lists of many recruits and I assume that is accurate but how do we really know?

We can usually find out through sources. There are kids that will report offers they don’t have. That can be a true misunderstanding or the young man or a parent can outright fib about it. For the most part, you don’t call out a kid unless he’s being totally reckless.

I have a friend in the business that covers Bama so I can usually ask him about Tide offers and have others around that country cover many other schools,