Question for recruiting insiders

Back in Jan. during the Contact Period, it was reported CCM and several offensive coaches visited 2019 recruit Kenneth Jefferson.

What did this recruiting visit consist of?

Would you care guess why the Contact Period wasn’t open up this spring?

In the past during the Contact Period for college football coaches, they could have off campus, face to face contact with high school seniors only.

They could only have face to face contact with underclassmen on college campus. Such as unofficial visits and football camps.

The contact period is only during Dec, Jan. and Feb.

It’s still only seniors they can talk to during the contact period.

The entire offensive staff visited Jefferson’s school. They let KJ know they were coming and they made it a point to tweet out several things about the visit.

Here is the point I’m trying to make. The early NLI day begin December 20, 2017, for the 2018 recruiting class.

The Contact Period for the 2018 recruit class, open Sunday November 26 and ran through December 16. There were a total of 21 days for coaches to make off campus visits with recruits.

The early NLI day for 2019 recruiting class begins December 19, 2018.

Should the recruiting calendar follow last years calendar pattern, The Contact Period will opens Sunday November 25, 2018 and be open until Sat. December 15, 2018. This only leaves the coaches 21 days to make off campus visits before the early signing date.

Here is a link to the 2017-2018 recruiting calendar. … 171116.pdf