Question for recruiting insiders

We all know about the dust up between Bielema and Kingsbury…In your opinion has CBB burned bridges with many of the TX high school coaches and if so is it repairable?

Regardless of who is coach we have to recruit TX much better.

I don’t think so. It might of upset some but I asked around while I was in DFW before the A&M game that year and most blew it off.

Petrino signed 7 or 8 in 2009 but that was also a class of 31. Bret has averaged 3-4 a year. You probably like to see 5-6 a year.

I haven’t had a Texas HS coach tell me ‘Boy, Bret shouldn’t have said that’.

Recruiting is about hiring an assistant coach or head coach with connections in Texas. Also it’s about you building the connections in Texas. I’d like to see the best available players being sought after as incoming freshman. What happened with this staff has become depending on JUCO’s to fill an immediate need! You must be able to develop talent and coach!

I’d like to see the hogs recruit Texas hard.

I know Bama signed DE Buggs and an OL from JC last year. They’ve hit JC too.

I figure it struck Klingsbury worse than it did the high school coaches. Should he have said it is debatable, but probably most coaches took it to mean that CBB believes in his system.

Yes, they do need to recruit Texas better, but have three really good ones coming from there this season in LB Bumper Pool, CB Byron Hanspard and do-it CB/TB Tanner McAlister.

Every college has to sign some junior college kids. I don’t think they are overdoing it here no more than the did when Petrino and Nutt were here.

You are probably right.