Question for RD Regarding Ibby Ali

They were saying on another board that he’s suppose to be visiting Arkansas. He signed with Baylor, has he been lot of his LOI?

Richard and I are not discussing this young man at this time.

That may be the most interesting reply I have ever seen in this forum!

Fair enough. Just FYI though other Arkansas media just put it out there like 30 minutes ago that he is visiting Arkansas and is no longer under LOI with Baylor. If that’s wrong information or if I’m helping to spread rumors that are not true here, your welcome to delete the thread, I was just seeing if you guys heard anything on your end.

Ibby could be the reason they moved off Zdor.

Sure sounds that way.

Has anyone ever seen him play?

FWIW, he requested it be kept under wraps. Obviously that didn’t happen., but I was going to honor his request.

He left about an hour and half ago. He did say the visit went well. Just my two cents, I think you have your last piece to the 2018 class.

That’s how we roll over here.

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Dudley and Richard I respect the way you do your work!

Just curious…why would he be released from his LOI if he only signed in April…is there some type of NCAA reg that allows it?

Dudley I believe you and Richard are first class in your business! That’s why I trust what you guys say.

Question: Any knowledge as to why either one parted ways with the other that is Baylor and Ali …?

Not at this time.

There has got to be a better prospect out there. If I live here in Little Rock, am part Nigerian, and have a brother that plays basketball and I have never heard of or seen this kid. It worries me. He seems s reach to be a project. I know we need bodies, but he seems like another Willy Kouassi, but you have to carry him for four years. Did the staff attend any of his games , or get his name from mutual friend? I know you can’t teach height. I’d rather they went after Conner Vannover.

Well, I was going to point out this kid graduated in 2017. The stats listed above are from Maumelle. This kid supposedly played for SCA along with Shakur Daniels, and Price-Noel, two guys CMA looked at. So, I went to the SCA site and looked at their roster, kids not listed. Something is fishy. Maybe RD or Dudley can find what I can’t.

I wasn’t going to even reply anymore in this thread and take a break from the board, but I’ve never been one to hold my tongue if something is on my mind.

I’m not sure what’s changed around here, but as seems as of lately, it’s been hostile around here for just simply asking questions. I can’t speak for others, but the whole reason I signed up on site is for the insider information regarding recruiting. Dudley, both you and RD are probably the biggest names in the Arkansas media as far as recruiting goes, so we as fans assume you guys have the best connections, so naturally if we hear rumors about recruits, we’re going to come to you guys for the verification because we know nobody is going to know better than you guys. Now, I realize that you guys want to be thorough and make sure the information you put out there is accurate, I really respect that. But, at the same time, it’s no reason to jump on your customers and be rude to us if we bring some information to the board and just trying to find out if this information is accurate or not.

This is the second thread in the last week or so I started just asking for verification on a recruit that people were talking about on other boards/social media and both times the responses you gave came off like it irritated you that I would even ask a question about the recruit. A simple “We are aware of Ali rumors, we’ll update you guys as soon as we can.” would have worked instead of the whole “We’re not commenting on this right now” and “This is how we roll” it just comes off the wrong way. I know another poster felt the same way in the basketball forum when was asking a question about Darious Hall rumors and you kinda jumped on him a little bit for even asking about some of the rumors he was hearing. It just seems like if we hear stuff you guys would rather us just sit back and shut up and wait for you guys to initiate the conversation rather than us asking. I just ask if that’s the way you want it, just let me know, and I won’t even waste my time posting, I’ll just wait for the articles to come out and read those. And when I say all of that I’m not trying to offend you guys or start any problems on here I’m just being 100% honest on how I feel, which I’ve always been an up front person and believed that’s the best way to go about things.

His timeline is strange to say the least:

I’ve read somewhere he spent the last year working on becoming eligible and working out with Sunday Adebayo. He is 6’9 with a reported 7’4 wingspan. IDK what to think.

It is obvious that you should go to the moderators with a rumor via messaging first instead of spreading a rumor with a question/rumor on the BOARD. Jeez. Nobody has the right to get sensitive because their snowflake feelings were hurt over a protective response from experts.

Says the guy who started a thread accusing people of being in secret message board group set out to get him. You love trying to play the message board tough guy role with all the naming calling, and you’re so original with your go to snowflake comment. I thought me and you agreed a while ago not to speak, but I see you just can’t help yourself. If you’re that obsessed with me and feeling tough, I’ll be at the Walton Fitness Center today around 2:00 working out and shooting some basketball. I would love to meet you and see how tough you really are and see if you would have the guts to call me out of my name to my face. Also, would love to see if you have any game on the court since you always seem to know everything about basketball. If you want you can shoot me a PM and I’ll meet you out there, I’ll even pay your way as a guest if your not a member.

Also, and FYI I wasn’t running around “spreading rumors” I started 2 threads. The first one about Zdor being offered by the staff and second about Ibby Ali getting out of their LOI were reported by credible sources. Zdor offer was reported by a national recruiting analyst and Ali being out of his LOI was being reported by the Arkansas media people over on Rivals, they even had an article about it out. So again, you seem to be good and running your mouth before actually reading and doing research.