Question for RD or Dudley on new guys

Was wanting to know if all the 2018 recruits on campus and 100% healthy. I knew RD wrote a story back a couple months ago that Jordan Phillips had a hip injury, never heard anything else about that. And I know that Keyshawn Embery wasn’t all the way 100% yet even though he had been playing.

Also, seen McPherson tweet out that he had heard some of them had been looking good in pick-up games, although he didn’t go into any specifics, have you guys heard anything or if anyone has stood out?

To be honest, I have not been over to basketball since they got back to school last week.

I will be going next week and will report back.

I don’t like what reporting what other people say about pick-up games.

I prefer to watch myself and then tell of my observations.

That being said, I have never seen anybody look “bad” in pick up games where defense is pretty optional.

haha touche.

Looking forward to this DD.

Thanks in advance Dudley. This is a unique year with so many new players and questions, so it will probably be the most watch summer work outs in years.

Well, in the 9th grade at West Side Junior High School in Little Rock, I played pick-up games with Wally Hall.

Where’s Dog when we really need him?

Dog is probably licking his chops.

I’ll add a question as I eagerly await reports. Is this group likely an upgrade in attitude, i.e work ethic, basketball IQ, and desire for team success?

I get the impression from what has come out in postseason that within a certain faction on the team last year that attitude wasn’t as good as a coach would prefer. On a scale from “you can’t spell team without me” to Jabril Durham, I’d like to see a higher Durham coefficient.

Did you take him to school Denton?

They just put out a small amount of footage on twitter. Things I noticed on that small amount, Mason Jones looks really trim compared to his footage when he was in Juco. He’s the guy #13 in the white jersey that took it to the rim a couple of different times. Looked very quick. Also, some footage of Harris showing off his quickness. And there a little bit of Isiah Joe in there as well, other than that don’t really get to see the other guys too much. Noticed Garland was in a practice jersey off to the side. Didn’t see Phillips in any of the action either, although it was pretty hard to make out some of the people.

I’ve missed so far, but hope to catch them some next week…unless I need to be in Omaha.

My freshman year roommate at Arkansas has been running pick-up games with some of the new players and guys like Manny Watkins and Dusty Hannahs at the practice facility. He went on and on and on about Reggie Chaney’s size and build when I caught up with him over the weekend. My buddy is 6-6 and solid, so if he’s saying that then it tells me something. He also mentioned Jalen Harris’ quickness, which you can see a bit of in the short video the basketball account tweeted last week. Desi Sills was another guy he said he was really impressed by.

Also, I was told Manny dunked on Darious Hall something fierce before he left for DePaul. Just though I’d add that.