Question for RD/DD

First of all, thank you both for all your great work that you both do on a daily basis for us starving Hog fans - it is truly appreciated!

Seems to be very quiet (unless I missed something) regarding our “solo” visitor for this weekend. No tweets, no nothing on him. Any news, nuggets etc. to wet our appetite during this lunch hour?

Thanks so much!

Chris isn’t one to talk much. Pretty old school when it comes to the attention thing. Interview about to be posted.

Thanks brother!

I’ve been told his mother is pretty good with the Hog Call.

This has been crazy trying to finish this recruiting class out. With that said Richard and Dudley how do see this class finishing out? I officially can’t keep up with everyone that we need I really hope we can land 2 plus LBs to this class

Well that certainly couldn’t hurt us then lol!!!