Question for RD concerning early enrollees

Coach Bielema indicated in his press conference today that there would be between 8 and 11 early enrollees in January.

Just wondering if you could tell us who the likely candidates are to enroll early.

I think I remember the 3 o-line commits (Wagner, Clennin and Adcock) indicating they would enroll early, but don’t remember hearing about any others.


OL Dalton Wagner
OL Shane Clenin
OL Kirby Adcock
QB Daulton Hyatt
RB Maleek Williams
WR Jonathan Nance
TE Jeremy Patton- Has some work to do

Other possibilities:

S J’Marick Woods
Walk-on commit De’Shawn Gulledge
DL Javier Edwards
WR Brandon Martin

I’m sure I’m forgetting some others

RD, how are you feeling about woods? Also do we have a decent chance with Martin, that would be huge.

I’m cautiously optimistic about both. J’Marick will be in Tuesday’s column.

How about their teammate OL DeMarcus Hayes?

Wow, if we could pull in Martin and Woods…

I am curious about Edwards and the JUCO DE from Texas… I would really like to add those two JUCO’s…

My Dream Finish would be like this

1- Javier Edwards
2- Mike Clemons
3- Brandon Martin
4-Chevin Calloway
5- J’Marick Woods
6- Stud OT
7- Stud HS DE,
8- HS Lber…

Now I put 8, because I just don’t think we sign all the ones we currently have… Not because they are bad players, just because we always have some players committed that end up going someplace else, just like we will more then likely add some players that are committed to other schools right now… Just how it works…

He’s a hard read. He obviously visited in the summer.