Question for older baseball fans

I was trying to remember where I saw the Hogs play a game early in Norm’s career. 72 or maybe 73. Seems like I went past what was then Harp’s on what is now MLK. There was a small field with tiny bleachers. It couldn’t have been too far down the road.

I think we later played at the fairgrounds, but this definitely wasn’t there. There were maybe 20 people there.

Does anybody remember where they played at that time?

I don’t know where Harps on MLK is.

However, they played on Fayetteville’s Legion field early on Norm’s career. I doubt that field is still there.

Yes. They played in a field southwest of campus somewhere around where the university police station is. The field was oriented with home plate on the SW corner of the field. Most little league teams play in nicer places. We didn’t even complete in the SWC in baseball then. Some time after JFB became AD we built George Cole Field where the current indoor football facility and practice fields are. That was about 1973 or 74.

For years it was a club team that played at the Fairgrounds. Look in some of the '60s Razorback. Sometime after Frank became AD, they started playing for real in the SWC. There was growing pains of course, but they became pretty competitive pretty quickly. At that time, Texass was the team in all College baseball, so of course, the goal was to be able to play with them. That took awhile.

We joined the SWC in 1974 and George Cole Field opened the next year.

Funny how time works. That means we played at George Cole from 1975 - 1996. 22 years if my math is right (the last year was not a full year). We have now been in Baum for 25 years. Longer in Baum than in Cole.

I don’t recall a field near Harps on MLK. Or a Harps there.

I don’t know about the Harps, but I played a couple games on Fayetteville’s American Legion Field in the 70’s. We were told it was where the Hogs were playing at that time .

I think it was several blocks southeast of the UA campus.

Yup, that’s where Norm told me they played a few games. The outfield fence was just plastic wrap.

Long time ago and I’m probably mistaken about the store. I sure thought it was Harps IGA. Oh well. But the Legion field sounds right.

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