Question for Moderators

How much authority do y’all have to ban a troll? One of the things I like about a subscription/pay board is that most posters are actual fans. Some I don’t care for & some I disagree with, but I appreciate their viewpoints. However, one poster I’ve never seen until the A&M loss is as pure a troll as one could imagine. Do y’all ban such people here or is this just one of the downsides of the new board?

We have banned some users today.

I’ll add that I don’t want to ban users, but sometimes it’s necessary when someone loses all sense of civility.

Thanks, Matt. Can you name them or is that against policy? :o

There was one that I banned this afternoon just for his posts on the premium board; I haven’t summoned the nerve yet to wade into the cesspool of the Lounge. But I discussed it with Marty before hand to make sure I wasn’t overreacting. She agreed, and he went in time out for a week. We’ll see if he behaves when he comes back. If not, I’ll have no problem making it permanent. And if he gets his feelings hurt and doesn’t come back, I won’t be disappointed.

Good for you Swine and Marty! Once in awhile I go over to the Lounge to look for Razorback stuff and have been upset with the idiocy of a few posters who try to dominate that board with their bring back Petrino and fire Long/Bielema crap. I don’t post much, but I love most anything I can read about the Hogs that is informative. Thanks for your diligence. Woo Pig…

The Lounge has gotten so bad, I just go in and mark all as read so I can hit the unread posts option and not have them filtered in.

That makes me sad, because the Lounge has a lot of awesome posters, but wading through the aggressive negativity is tough.

Thank You!!!

The Lounge is an embarrassment.

I hope it was the poster sickntired. It seems pretty clear to me that he isn’t even a Hog fan. I don’t mean that in a “you are a pessimist so you aren’t a fan” way.

I think he is a hater or fan of other team who is/was just hear to annoy and harass.

He wasn’t/isn’t the only one. No need for me to name names I’m sure.

I watched my ex son in law post on Hogville crazy, silly things just to see the reaction from others. It was stuff HI would have deleted/banned. I assume others do the same. It’s somewhat surprising to see folks spend money to be on this board and do it but it happens anyway.

It’s always transparent but I have to call them out anyway. My wife says that I can’t leave well enough alone… :wink:

Sickntired won’t post here anymore.