Question for Matt

Campbell didn’t look good today is he still not 100% healthy?

I said to a buddy of mine, shortly before Campbell was taken out of the game that we should expect to see a report later this week about how he’s developed arm problems of some sort.

I was being sarcastic to some degree, and not really fair to Campbell, who has had legit health issues in the past. But it does seem like the deal with him has always been - GREAT in the fall, expected to dominate during the season. Then, doesn’t pitch well and it’s discovered that he has arm problems.

Hope that isn’t the case. On the other hand, not quite sure why he’s never performed to the potential everyone seems to see in him. He may be one of those guys who comes in with a lot of hype, never really produces while at Arkansas, but figures it out/gets healthy and has a productive professional career.

I think that’s a little unfair, Wiz. Throwing a baseball 90 mph is an unnatural act. Essentially, all pitchers who keep doing it long enough develop arm trouble at some point; it’s just a question of when and how severe it is. Good mechanics help, but proper form in football doesn’t prevent concussions either; they just come with the territory.

looks to me like his release point is off…he is throwing too much down hill might want to come more 3/4 and see if that helps but either way we really can’t count on him IMO we have to find a reliable 3rd starter quick

I sat in on the D1 Baseball Monday afternoon chat today. One item they addressed is pitching depth of top teams. We’re not the only likely national seed who hasn’t nailed down its Sunday starter. Oregon State, in fact, has issues on Saturday AND Sunday. North Carolina and NC State also have weekend starter questions.

Late in the chat there was an interesting possibility posed: The state of Louisiana may be left out of the CWS chase entirely. Right now La-Laf, LSU and Tulane are all on the outside looking in.

It would be historic in college baseball for no teams from Louisiana to make the playoffs in baseball!
The starting pitching on the weekend is hit and miss for a lot of teams. The hogs have options in the bullpen. We just need Cronin back soon!

I think Campbell is healthy. I just think he had a bad outing Sunday.

I just hope he arm is feeling fine. He has some great stuff. He has the ability to be really good and it would be nice over these next 3 weeks for him to have an outing or two like the Kentucky game. Man he was untouchable.

When he is on, he is scary good. Hope for the best.


I’m with you on this, Wiz. I thought Jeff was a unfair to Campbell–accusing him of an “unnatural act.” :smiley:

That reminds me of one of my very favorite Kliban jokes, from the increasingly distant 70’s . . . .