Question for Matt or Clay.

Will the hogs be the home team today ?
Also have the hogs avoided the injury bug so far this weekend?

I don’t think they’ll decide who is the home team until we know who we’re playing. If it’s USM again, we’d be the home team since we batted first last night, I believe. DBU, not so sure.

Only injuries I know of is that Fletcher and Gates both came up shaking their hands in some pain after incidents on Friday, but both played and played well last night.

Yes, Arkansas will be the home team tonight. There have been no injuries that I am aware.

Thank you let’s all hope we get a win today and end this regional. I’m hoping for Campbell to have 5 good innings and they pull him before he gets into trouble.

Everyone healthy on the Arkansas side.

If Campbell is on & can get us a solid 5 innings, I really like our chances tonight. I have no idea what DB has left as far as pitching goes, but Isaiah can be great or awful. Thank goodness, he’s been great recently & perhaps had he been healthy, would have been earlier. Regardless, we need him to hold DB off the scoreboard.

I know we can score, but I also know sometimes we can come across a pitcher who suddenly looks great.

We just need to hope Campbell is on tonight! I do agree with 5 good innings but I’d have the bull pen ready and warmed up early! The regional needs to end today!