Question for Matt, Clay . . .

This is about something I’ve noticed for quite a while, but never bothered to ask about.

When I look at one of the premium stories - for example, your story today (Matt) about Baum playing “small” during the current regional - there are always links to three “related” stories at the bottom of the article. The thing is, those stories are NOT related to the current story. Moreover, they are usually links to articles that are several months old.

I’ve tried to see if there was some logic to the links - for example, about the same general subject (Recruiting, Basketball, etc) or by the same writer . . . but there doesn’t seem to be. In other words, they seem to be just random links, the only relevance being that they are Arkansas related.

What is the deal with these links? Can they be removed - or - made to be what they purport to be? That is, links to “related” or at least current stories?


I’ve saw them for months and clicked on them because i though they wee new.

heck there was one from before the coaching hire.

Lots of problems on here since the merge.

I’ll look into it. I do not know where that category originates.