Question for Matt about E-edition?

Matt? I pay around $79 (twice since I pay for mine and my fathers magazines) a year for the magazine. The one that has still not shown up in Little Rock despite paying extra for “not so” first class delivery.

Am I seeing this E-edition correctly? I could see the magazine a few days early if I am willing to pay only $230 per year instead of $79.??? You guys make the magazine, send it to the printers, pay for mailing etc… You take the same magazine, save the printing/mailing costs, post it online at negligible expense, still get all of the magazine advertizing revenue, have a new vehicle (the E-edition) to get paid for more ads hovering around it plus online data you can sell, AND you expect to make an extra $150 on top of what you make now?

I hope and pray that I am totally confused and this is not as bad as it seems. I look forward to being corrected.


@Hogmodo There is a sign-in link at the right of the top line. I was able to sign in with my credentials from this forum. The first page still showed with the prices that you noted and the Subscribe Now button. However the rest of the magazine also shows now. And I am able to read the magazine online.

I could not get my password and name to work. I called the number listed and talked to the lady. She was a little clueless but thought it was an additional charge. I hope I just messed up my password or something and this is not a $150 bump in my cash flow into Matt and Clay’s pocket.

My actual magazine finally did show up this afternoon so I am good now.

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I’ve learned today that the print only magazine subscription does not get you the replica edition. You must have a digital subscription, too.

Any plans for a mobile phone friendly version of the online magazine ?

I logged in today and it’s unreadable on a mobile phone.

I recently ran into an issue that I discussed with someone at HI yesterday. I pay for online plus the print magazine that I have mailed to my grandson in Savannah. I pay extra for first class delivery. He finally got the post-Rice game magazine yesterday. He has still not gotten the post-Texas game issue. Prior to that, the last one he got was the August pre-season one. After talking with him we discovered that the address label was affixed to the magazine. My past experience was that the magazines sent first class came in a white envelope. You might check to see if you are actually getting first class delivery.

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t gotten any issues since I moved in May, so I called customer service and got the address straightened out. My bad for not taking care of the COA.

I do not think there are plans for a mobile friendly version of the replica edition. The company we use for the replica does not provide that format. I don’t know of one that does.

I’ve learned today that the print only subscription does not get you the replica edition of the magazine.

Some of you have the ADG on-line subscription that gets you access to Whole Hog Sports and the print subscription to the magazine. That does not get you the on-line replica edition of the magazine.

I’ve launched discussions on this. Not sure what the outcome will be, but I am encouraged that it will be discussed.

I never read the Demozette on paper. The only reason I put up with having to recycle the Sunday paper is my wife likes the coupons. So, just like the newspaper, I expect your magazine to go to being a mostly online magazine but not if it requires $230 a year. The Demozette gave away “free” Ipads to justify a slight increase in subscription and no more daily delivery. You guys have to give a heck of a lot more value to justify a $150 increase just to see the magazine a few days earlier. Something is way out of wack here.

The post office is so bad now that paying for First Class means nothing.

The $49 for the print is still a good deal. I’ve not raised price in 21 years. The original price was $39.

I probably will be long gone if we don’t print it on slick paper.

But never has the phrase “I just work here” meant more.

The US Post Office has given me fits for 30 years. And it just seems to get worse.

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Clay, I may be the only one but I would be glad to pay $79 for the E-edition and not receive the actual magazine. I would rather give you the expense for the first class mailing and just read it online. I get to read it on Monday instead of Thursday or worse waiting for it to show up in the mail. My father is 90 and refuses to have a computer in his house, so he needs the actual magazine. There are enough like him out there that I hope you never do away with the actual magazine mailout.

Texas edition showed up here in CO on Friday. Again, I love, love, love that cover. It says it all!

It is one of our best.

Still waiting on my Texas edition today (Monday 10 days after the game) and I live in Springdale. If they’re printed in Little Rock, why not have someone load up a car or truck with the number being mailed to NW Ark on the night it’s printed and drive them up to the Fayetteville PO distribution center. At least they would be in the local mail by Wednesday morning.

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