Question for Marty

Do you know if Shaddy and Martin are available to play this weekend?

Shaddy is out Friday and his status is unknown for the rest of the weekend. Martin will play tomorrow at second base and Jack Kenley will play third.

Martin is a natural middle infielder and is playing third this year as a way to get him in the lineup. I think he will be the everyday second baseman when Shaddy is gone.

Thank you Matt. I sure hope Shaddy gets his hands to feeling better. It is hard to play with sore hands.

Here is more on Shaddy and the infield situation without him: … ma-opener/

I’m anxious to see Martin at 2nd. I’m not 100% sure he is THE answer at 3rd. I don’t know if Bobby Wernes would get every ball that got by Martin, but there have a been a few. Maybe Kenley’s bat will pick up or a healthy Gates could be better defensively? It’s going to be an interesting experiment anyway.

Not that I dislike kenley, but I was excited to have both Gates and McFarland in the game at the same time. Their bats are under-appreciated.