Question for Marty

Do you know the details of cutting cable and still being able to watch the hogs

This thread has a lot of thoughts on it: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18644&hilit=hulu+live

Matt is the authority on this topic. I’ve been tempted, but I haven’t quite figured out how to DVR selected shows. I really need to look into it more. BTW, there is info in the linked thread on recording.

My best advice is for you to invest in a streaming device like a Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV, and a good digital antenna, which altogether should not cost more than $100-125. I have a $45 Roku and a $35 antenna made by General Electric. Make sure you have a good Internet speed for best results.

Then spend a few weeks testing the different services that offer live programming. The ones I recommend most are Hulu Live and YouTube TV (they both have all of the sports channels you’ll need to watch the Razorbacks, with the exception of SEC Network Alternate, which you can access through the WatchESPN app using your login credentials to whatever streaming service you choose), but you also might try Playstation Vue, Sling TV and DirecTV Now. All offer free trials for one week. They require you to enter your credit card information, so set an alarm on your phone and cancel one day before the deadline, and be prepared that it might take several minutes to cancel each one. They don’t always make that information on how to cancel readily available.

After you test two or three, you’ll have a good feel for what you like and what you don’t like. Test during the summertime so that you have your setup in place by the time football season begins.

I was hesitant to cut the cord when I did, but the technology has really emerged the last two years and these services will make you not miss cable or satellite.

EDIT: During baseball season, you will miss being able to watch a handful of away non-conference games that are carried on Cox Sports Network. CSN is only available to Cox cable customers and those games typically are not available for streaming of any kind.

Good point, but not a factor for most of us who can’t get access to CSN even if we were willing to pay for it. But I know that some can.

Didn’t post this in other thread, but TiVo offers DVR for OTA recording and has most of the apps you need. You can also download recorded shows to mobile device for offline viewing. You can also watch shows remotely on mobile device if your internet service is fast enough.

Antenna web .org is great source for determining type and if antenna will work for you.

You plug in your address and it will tell you location of local channel towers and type of antenna you need and what stations you will receive.

Another thing to be aware of is if your internet provider has data caps. Had friend watching a lot of 4K content and got hit with bill.

Good point. Internet providers - many of which have declining cable and satellite services - have quietly been slipping in these data limits the past few years. We make sure that we don’t stream when we are not actively watching.

is there a way to identify this thread so I can return to it later? Currently doing research and would like to return to this thread at some point.


Suddenlink carries CSN, and maybe a few other cable companies. They also show the Coach’s shows and Hog Tales??

I did not realize CSN was available outside of Cox cable. Regardless, I have found no evidence that it is available for streaming through the virtual MVPDs, which was my main point.

Well I bought the Roku and the antenna. The picture is pretty good. I will use this for the first few weeks of football and if all goes well I’ll cut the cable off!
I got diagnosed with cancer on the 5 th of July so I’m not going to be miserable at home and not be able to enjoy the hogs!
I’ll treat this like a game against Texas!

That’s the spirit, Army. Best wishes in your fight against this “foe”. Keep us all posted.

Wizard I will!