Question for Jimmy Carter

when do you think more information and/or consequences, good or bad will be forthcoming from the FBI’s NCAA BBall investigation? Was just watching a little of Auburn’s game tonite and realized haven’t heard much more about Bruce Pearl’s status there, or really anything other than the initial announcements. Thanks in advance

I honestly have no idea if/when the FBI will release something new.

Andy Miller, the agent at the center of the initial findings, relinquished his certification today.

Thanks, I just remember when the story broke, it hit like a bombshell and everyone interested in ncaa basketball more or less held its collective breath awaiting the other leaded shoe to drop. So far it hasn’t and the story has died down so much that the action by andy miller has barely even been reported. Now that the season is upon us, it imo becomes even more intriguing because one only hopes the other shoe doesn’t drop in middle of the season and cause a huge disruption.

Maybe we have not heard anything new because all of the FBI’s resources and efforts have been hunting for Boris and Natasha in every nook and crannie that they can dream up, but like waldo they cannot be found.

And for those that are sarcastically impared… the previous was sarcastic humor, though sadly maybe a touch too much truth too!

Or perhaps they have cornered Boris and Natasha and have Waldo in their sites as any reasonable mad man would suspect

Darn well better find Boris and Natasha before they move into the White House. If they’re not already there.

FBI takes its time, and they have plenty of resources. Things had been ongoing for quite a white before they dropped the bombshell that took out Chuck Person and Rick Pitino. We all know there’s plenty more to uncover, quite a bit of it centered elsewhere in northern Kentucky.

Why ruin a perfectly fine post with politics.

Comments: per the BR/bleachers report several weeks back Pearl had been accused by Alburn in-house investigators as being uncooperative