Question for insiders

Was feeling OK about punter until I heard his interview yesterday. Seemed a bit spacy and apathetic. Can he be counted on or will every punt be an adventure with shanks, dropped snaps, “off the side of the foot” alternated with boomers?

Saw the same interview. What particularly did you see that made you come away feeling that way?

Blake Johnson has been pretty consistent for quite awhile now. I think punters and kickers are a bit different and I don’t think he’s much different from most I’ve been around. Seems genuine and I expect him to be a good player.

I was the one filming it and asked a few questions. I didn’t think he came across that way, personally. Some of us in the media workroom were joking afterward how he didn’t lack for confidence.

Maybe it’s the California demeanor haha.

Kickers are quirky; kind of like pitchers.

Especially southpaws.

Having said that, Ish Ordonez was one of my best friends on the team when I was in school. Maybe it was his California roots, but he wasn’t a kicking weirdo.

Perfect summation of what I meant I think… and I get that having been to CA more times than I choose to remember…forgot he was from Cali

Blake is fine.

One of the things I am not worried about