Question for insiders

First of all great win for hogs. After listening to patterson’s press conference he said in the first half we pressed with our secondary and it gave them fits. I noticed this also, and I thought the secondary played great the first half. We changed for the most part n the second half. I noticed lots of zone and back to giving cushion. Hill goes wild passing in second half. Why the switch? Trying to protect a 13 point lead against a potent spread team? Another thing I noticed was at times we went to a 3 man front, 8 in coverage. I liked that look a lot and thought it was productive. Next question was why we didn’t put a spy on hill. Running qb’s kill most defenses. Is it just impossible to defend? Lastly, thought pulley played great. And agim is a monster, wish he had played a bit more. Great sack he had. Ledbetter is playing all sec caliber right now.

You make some excellent points.
-Pulley impressed me by shutting down TCU #2
-Press coverage looked good in the first half
-I think our depth and subsequent fatigue forced a switch to less press coverage.
-Ledbetter is playing great as you say
-I also think the Dline rotation in this game should motivate the 2nd ad 3rd string guys to amp it up.
-This team has LEADERS - Wise, Ellis, Morgan, Skipper, Hatcher, Ragnow, etc. Morgan is very much the passion spark.
-Ramsey looked good.

When you hear Ark can rush 3 or 4 b/c of our strength at DL and still force pressure you are becoming what we need against the mighty mighty west of the SEC

Still on a high today feels good

I was thinking the same thing when the announcers started gushing about our front 4. The front 4 really proved that they are much better like Wise and others have said.

I don’t know if depth issues forced Hogs out of press. I know Pulley was cramping. Dean has not practiced much. I saw some press (I thought) in the second half, but not as much.