Question for insiders

Hogs should be a fairly good shooting team but faired poorly tonight on threes. My question, do they do most of their practicing in the practice facility. Maybe the background perspective is different in bud Walton Can’t see them shooting that poorly again from behind the arc. Especially if they do
Most of their practicing in the new facility vs bud Walton.

They practice in both but it shouldn’t matter. It was just a bad shooting night for everyone.

I’m sure they get enough time in Bud Walton for that to not be an issue, but I know I played some pickup games in BWA back in college and that was definitely an issue to me! Quite a difference playing in the HPER vs playing in that cavernous space.

As for the Hogs, I’m chalking it up to first game woes and actually encouraged we won by nearly 30 shooting that poorly from outside. I don’t care about the quality of opponent, last year we would have struggled to win shooting like that.

Most of their practices are in Bud Walton Arena during the season.

It was an anomaly on Friday night

They also go to the practice facility to shoot a lot on their own

That was one of the things Nolan talked about when they moved into the practice facility. He told Mike, “Make sure you practice in Bud Walton. If there is an opportunity to be in your arena, be in it. Get them shooting on those two goals as much as possible.” I know Mike believes that’s important, too.