Question for insiders or board

First of all this is not a complaint, criticism, trying to stir anything up or anything of the sort.

This is a serious question, maybe a stupid question, but a serious question…

With the celebrity of Bret Bielema - guest at celebrity wedding in London, backstage and on the bus at Justin Moore concert, reality shows, etc.
Can all that stuff distract him and can the team feel the distraction…I mean is he focused on coaching football or Being Bret Bielema?

I don’t think he is distracted. All of that stuff was filmed during the summer when coaches have some down time. He doesn’t allow those cameras into meeting rooms, preseason practices, etc. It was all over by mid-July. I think he is as focused on his team as any coach can be.

He is a ham. He loves the attention… He is not a shy, wallflower of a man. He is an extrovert. It is who he is.

I like that he is this way. It gets him and the program attention and should help us in recruiting. We need all the help we can get climbing out of the barrel of mediocrity.

From what I understand, most coaches work their tails off. Let him have his fun.

As Al Davis said, " Just win, baby".

There have been a couple of mentions of the Being Bret Bielema show, at NWA TD club and at his first radio show. Both times Coach said those tapings were done and it was time to get down to the business of football.

These guys get a three-week window for vacation. He should do a few things that get him away from football. I am impressed that he let the TV cameras come along. I might not want to do that on my vacation. When they got down to work, he doesn’t want the TV cameras around. I think it’s good for when he allowed them to go with him, certainly not doing anything but good for the program. Winning is his priority. If he didn’t think this would help winning, he wouldn’t do it. It is viewed as a marketing tool to help recruiting. It appears that it did reach a certain number of recruits that became more interested after seeing more of Bret.

Even if it created a slight distraction, I would suggest it is still worth it. For those of us outside of Arkansas, many of us experience the feeling that sometimes the media almost treats us as a less than a full member of the conference. Even in Memphis, (my local television source) I have often had the feeling that the only way we made the news was when a player got in trouble or some other less than favorable publicity.

With the media’s attraction to and seemingly admiration of Coach B, I see this changing and think this will be good for the program. If we want to recruit at a higher level, Coach B and the Hogs more on the main stage seem to be a good thing.

Love this thread and love Coach B

He knows how hungry hog fans are for a winner there is no hiding that from him

He’s reminds me of a good mix of Broyles and Holtz he understands the need to market our program but most importantly win ball games… let’s face it giving Jen air time is a win win

I’m told I’m in tonight’s episode. I’m on the way to practice now. So my wife will watch it, tape it and tell me if it’s safe to watch or not!

That is what I assumed to be the case…I appreciate them and agree they are good for recruiting…just hoped it wasn’t a distraction

I only saw the show for the first time last week. Saw another episode tonight. To me this is the best recruiting film we could ever make. CBB comes across as a genuine good guy. He’s not too much “player’s coach” (e.g. HDN) & not too much the authoritarian dictator (e.g. Lou Holtz & Bobby Petrino.). I love the pub for the program. Coming during the same summer as “Greater” the UA is enjoying the best publicity it’s enjoyed in a long time.

I’ll defer to the insiders’ view on it not being a distraction. From the content & timing of the show, I wouldn’t think it would be, but I can’t claim to have any insight. I trust Clay & Matt on that & I’m glad they don’t think it is. In light of how well he’s portrayed in the show, I could sure put up with it being something of a distraction. However, even as a “distraction” it’s only one in the same way recruiting is one because this show is a great recruiting tool.