Question for insiders or anyone about the minor leagues

At what minor League classification, do those teams become more talented than the top 5 SEC teams? The reason I ask, is it seems that our (and other SEC teams’) draftees move quickly through the first few classifications.

Reading the post on Kostyshock triggered this question from me.

It has often been said that the competition in the SEC is like that in AA baseball.

Sounds about rite, AAA would be a stretch, but yes, agree. :sunglasses:

I have heard SEC pitchers compared to Double-A pitchers. I’ve never really heard a comparison about hitters.

It’s supposed to be around Double A. But the SEC has taken a step up. What they do with draftees is go slow with them the first summer. For instance, Isaiah Campbell didn’t pitch much. He’d thrown enough innings last spring and early summer with the Hogs.

What they really need is for them to learn the pro baseball way that first summer. They do that in rookie ball or high Class A. If they seem to adjust to the daily grind of games – and it’s tougher for hitters than pitchers since pitchers aren’t pitching every day – then they move up pretty quickly.

A Friday night starter in the SEC is definitely equal to Double A. Maybe the other pitchers are not.

There is some of minor league ball that is just too much for some players to handle. Living away from home puts some in a situation where they don’t get enough rest and then playing every day (for position players) puts them in a position where their muscles and joints start to break down. Some don’t make it just for that.

But the early two years of minor league is just to acclimate them to travel, playing every day and living on their own as grown ups.

They are not going to push anyone to Double A until they are past those hurdles. And, they go to Triple A when they are polished.