Question for Insiders: Love and our Safeties

Post-game interview, SJS QB mentioned pre-snap alignment/movement by our safeties was a tell. Has film review shown what was tipping him off?

Ever heard of a coaching staff reaching back to an opponent (especially one they’re unlikely to encounter again any time soon) and ask?

Edit: And for the record, I’m not looking to know WHAT the tell was; would personally prefer that info to remain in house … perhaps be used to disguise future coverage scheme.

Hmmm…great question. Would love to hear the answer.

If the SJS QB knew what the defense was going to do then you can bet your 1st born that all the TaM staff and players already know.

That was my story. As Josh Love noted, he and his teammates still needed to make the plays and did while Arkansas didn’t.

With all due respect Dudley, you really didn’t answer my question.

I’ll rephrase: Is our defensive staff aware our safeties might be unwittingly tipping off coverage/scheme?

I cover the opponent’s coach and locker room after the game and don’t attend Monday’s press conference.

They do have staff who read our stories so I would assume that someone might have told them what Josh Love said.

But I can’t answer your question definitely.

Are they also looking at the boards (like HDN did?)

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Gotcha; thnx!

Every major college head coach has staff - not the assistant coaches or graduate assistants - looking over social media and websites to monitor what the student-athletes or saying or is being said about them.

That’s just a normal thing and has been for over a decade at least.

Well good, while you are here Coach _______, how about y’all call some friends, Dabo, idc who, and figure out what you’re all doing wrong. We’d all like to see y’all succeed, but my god… it’s hard to have any faith in the product that’s been delivered. Fix it.

Completely not kidding… for whichever assistant is lurking… seriously… what is the deal? Figure it out

I’m sure it was something they looked into after the San Jose State game. Chad Morris said yesterday that there is a “self scout” after every game to try and identify if there are any tendencies that can be exploited.

Thnx, Matt!

The assistants aren’t looking on here.

Some of the managers, support staff, but not assistants.