Question for insiders about

B Guidry. He was noticeably limping Saturday night. I know he is red-shirting but is he practicing. Has he re-injured his knee? Has he had surgery?

He’s good to go and practicing. The cooler weather will do that especially for Briston since he’s from New Orleans and not use to the cooler weather.

I’ve said it multiple times, but I think Briston will be a playmaker for the Hogs. He reminds me of Darius Philon.

Wish the cool weather had made all the LSU players from Baton Rouge, Louisiana limp around in the cool weather Saturday night. I know Coach O had a BIG RED nose in his post game, on the field, interview…
You’re kidding, right?

Guidry is a redshirt and he isn’t playing, so there’s really no reason to be a jerk about the opinion that the cold weather might affect a guy with a recent injury that requires surgery.

As for the cold weather bothering LSU, it clearly didn’t bother them, Saturday, as much as it did 2 years ago when we shut them out and they had hot cocoa on the sidelines.

I did notice they had sideline heaters this year.

The cooler weather will do what?

Maybe we should’ve had sideline heaters…
I’m not trying to be a jerk, I just don’t believe that the cold weather is the reason Briston is limping…that’s ridiculous, IMO!.. How do I word it where you won’t think it to be jerky?
How long does it take for someone to acclimate to NW AR weather? I know Michigan is recruiting the South hard…guess they are not aware, or care, how the frigid Michigan weather is going to affect those southern boys…really!

Considering this is his first winter in Fayetteville I guess it might take awhile. You may want to talk to kids from south Fla and La. I can assure you temps in the 50’s is a shock to them. It takes some getting use to.

I have no doubt it is a shock, but causing a limp?

He had surgery on his meniscus in June. Not unusual to limp after having knee surgery especially in cooler weather. I saw him Sat and didn’t notice to be honest, but that’s not to say he wasn’t.

If you don’t think cold weather affects ppl who have had surgeries and/or arthritis, you’re just wrong. I’m not sure what else to say about it.

It’s just a real thing.

And, Richard is right. The players from the south don’t like the cold, generally. It doesn’t always mean they play poorly, but they don’t prefer it at all.

Uh, Mr. Pig, I have had knee surgery and have arthritis and I don’t limp in cold weather. Am I wrong too, Brother?

I guess we have different definitions of “good to go.”

I have a medical degree and never heard of cold weather causing a limp post surgery. That said, I didn’t finish #1 in my med school class either.

Maybe he stepped in a pothole. Maybe he tripped over a dead mascot. Who. Gives. A. Flying. Flipper.

Who does? but to say it affects physical performance, WOW! Wonder how that boy from down on the Mississippi coast survived so well up in Green Bay???

So when we WIN, the cold weather affected them, but when we get the hell beat out of us, it didn’t???

I’ve had two knee surgeries and I notice my limp gets worse in cold weather. The knee hurts more in cold weather.

If you want to compare surgeries, lemme know, Brother.

I’ve had about 40 surgeries, starting when I was 2.

I can often tell you when it’s cold or going to rain before I hit the door. I hurt more and my limp is worse.

I’m not saying all people are like this.

But, in a message board world full of inane arguments, this has to be one of the dumbest.

How or why anyone would argue the fact that many people who have surgeries or arthritis (or both) are affected by cold weather is absolutely beyond me.

Am I wrong on that, Brother?

God, this is so stupid.

I have no idea if the weather affected them in either game.

I’m just saying that I have been around a lot of athletes at the UA and elsewhere and a lot of the ones from the South or West complain about the cold weather.

The recruiting writers have heard it and noticed it, too.

I don’t know if it affects them. I’ve noticed that LSU has provided hot cocoa and heaters. One was in a win. Another was in a loss.

But again, this is just an absolutely dumb thread.

The original question was asking about a redshirt guy coming off of a surgery limping.

A writer responded that it may have been due to the cold weather.

Now it is being twisted somehow into saying that someone is making excuses.

No one is making an excuse. No one cares about the weather and whether it has ever affected LSU.

You asked a question about a guy who isn’t playing. A writer tried to answer and give his best guess. And now you’re making repeated runs at him and others just to argue.

No one cares. Stop.

For the life of me, I have no idea why some posters are determined to make everyone miserable? What does it matter if a RS FR is limping a few months after surgery? Some of you want to blame somebody for something or look for fault at the drop of a hat. Maturity is lacking.

I asked about him after the game. He was stiff and didn’t loosen up. He developed a limp (sometimes) in his walk as a protective measure after three years of battling that injury. But he’s fine now.

My wife is recovering from a broken foot. She still limps at times when she first gets up after no activity. She says it doesn’t hurt, is 100 percent healed but just wants to make sure for a couple of steps that it’s OK. That was after wearing a boot for three months.

Briston has practiced extremely well in the last six weeks since getting to 100 percent. He’s going to be an excellent player.