Question for insiders about Dan Enos....

This coach keeps giving us great production his first 3 years. We have been among the leaders in offense in the SEC since he has been here. Why has this guy not received more recognition or job offers, maybe even a head coaching offer? His offense is explosive even with less than impressive lines the past 2 years.

Also, how would you rate him as a recruiter?

If we lose him, this program would be in really worse shape that it currently is.

I don’t know about his recruiting, but typically the coordinators are not asked to be top recruiters.

As for his head coaching options, he was 26-36 in five seasons as a head coach in the MAC, so that probably has as much to do with a lack of opportunities as anything. I asked him about wanting to be a head coach again a couple of years ago and the response he gave me indicated he wasn’t too interested in it.

I hope he is not interested. What he has done without an Oline is amazing. Just think what he could do if he had an SEC Oline with wich to work. He does have some talent at the skill positions.

Enos seems to have a good connection with the players. I think he has done a good job and not sure who else would do better. I say keep him.

I think he is creative with our offense, I also think he may have put his foot down on our Red Zone offense lately, especially inside the 5 yard line. May have just said let me worry about getting it in the end zone. Which he has accomplished that as of late.

Dan Enos is highly involved in QB recruiting. He’s also going to hit some areas to help Michael Smith with WRs and also with TEs. I know Barry Lunney takes him with him throughout Arkansas. I think he’s got some recruiting skills.