Question for Hog Baseball Fanatics

I’m trying to think of a former player’s name in hopes of finding out what ever happened to him.

He was one of the most highly recruited players we have ever gotten to campus. He was drafted high out of high school. He looked like the Incredible Hulk and played DH/OF.

He arrived 4-5 years ago with an injury. He only got a few at bats and struck out most of the time.

He left UA,and I assume, transferred.

Who was it?

Derek Ripp? Not sure he was drafted. Just left to find playing time.

Jarrod McKinney? Jarrod was bulging with muscles. He was a late round Astros pick. He signed and was cut early. He works on his family ranch in Hughes Springs, Texas. Jarrod was 5-11, 210. Big arms.

Jarrod’s walk up song was Johnny Cash’s God’s Gonna Cut You Down.

Cole Turney? Transferred to San Jacinto. Now at Houston. Played 4 games at Arkansas.

Yes. Cole T. Thanks.

You gave me the right clues. But I had two whiffs.

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