Question for everyone about improving the Offense during bye week

What can the offensive coaches do to improve our offense the most, with the time afforded us during the next 10 days? What should be emphasized?
I would say practicing play assignments and timing; that is, working as one unit. Run the plays until there is no doubt that everyone knows what to do and when.

I would focus on the running game. With Boyd back, Smith coming on strong and even Franks past at FL, I thought the running game would be our strength. If we can develop that, the passing game would be that much better. Now the question is how do you develop that in less than two weeks. One, get Boyd and any other dinged up offensive players healed and two, focus on blocking schemes and holding your blocks for that extra second. We did a little better against Ole Miss but we haven’t seen a bust up the middle for 50 yards or a sweep that goes the distance. The running game could take us to the next level where we could possibly win 3 or 4 more games.

Agree on the running game. Got to have it. I fear with this Oline, it is just not going to be much. For whatever reason, these guys cannot or at least have not been able to open holes and to hold blocks. They are not real bad on pass blocking.

We know they are getting as good coaching as there is, but no matter, a Pinto is not going to win NASCAR. It can be improved by what the two above suggested: everybody know and do what the play calls for and improve the timing.

Until we can run the ball at least some, it is going to be difficult to sustain an offense.

I think we should get away from the zone read. I know its a huge part of Briles’ offense but our O-line doesn’t block it well, Franks doesn’t read it well, and Franks is clearly hesitant when he has an opportunity to run. We are consistently getting 6 man boxes with 2 high safeties against our 11 man personnel (1TE, 1RB). Thats the type of box you can run a simple dive at and be successful. If you run the zone read well, thats the type of box you can gouge. Regardless, I would like to see a simplified blocking scheme or maybe the TE trap that work in Morris’ offense last year.

Considering Franks is seeing two high safeties almost every play, he is making fantastic decisions in the passing game. Minus the drops, we should all be pleased with the passing game. Also, each time Briles has dialed up a screen play, it has been the perfect call. I would like to see more than three screens a game.

Just keep working. Polish and work, that’s all you can do. I don’t see any personnel moves that can help. You have what you have in the offensive line. There don’t appear to be real big boys in the heart of the line. Looks like these guys are 310 where I see most in t he SEC playing with 330 at guard and tackle. Sam will get that kind of size in the OL eventually.

Eliminate the dropped passes will help. But nothing will help like adding a running game. I just don’t see a big improvement coming there for a few weeks.

I do not think the answer is to scrimmage in the open week. Sam already said he’s not going to do that. Too many players beat up.

They will have to reevaluate a lot, scheme, plays that work and don’t, study A&M defense and try to find advantages. need to get Knox playing, and get healthy.

as far as personnel changes, I’m not sure what options they have. we have a few freshmen with SEC bodies on OL, do those 3 guys make a move? can one of the backup QB’s make quicker decisions and run the read option better? TE seems to have 2 solid guys, not sure Toll can improve over their play. can darin turner make a move at WR? Can we clone Burks?


It’s almost a certainty that Burks will be double teamed in the passing game the rest of the year after DC’s watch the film of this last game. The OC did a great job of getting Burks touches outside of the passing game. He got 15 touches (4 rushing) last game which was great. We need to do even more of that, if possible, maybe with new and innovative plays. Since Burks played some QB in HS, he seems to be a perfect candidate for a few plays a game in the wildcat. Get him more and more involved in the running game.

He is such a phenomenal talent that he needs to be at the center of our offensive game plan. I’d much rather see him get additional touches in the offensive game plan than as a returner in the kicking game. It scares me to see him returning punts and kicks with guys running full speed at him. Keeping him healthy is priority 1 for this team.

Even Bobby Petrino said that to win in the SEC you have to be able to run the ball in the second half. And his most effective Hog team proved that with Knile Davis in the backfield. Of course you also need a good OL to get that done. I think we will need more balance against our remaining schedule.

The most important thing to me is to get Franks to know when to tuck and run aggressively and get those first downs that he has been pulling up short on. WP

I’d rather he stay healthy. Tuck and run and get hurt, we’re in trouble. He can do better for sure, but I don’t want him taking a lot of risks.

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Same here, I’m just want him to make them pay for daring him to run, but I sure don’t want him hurt! If he would just take off when he sees the opening he could slide and be fine but he always hesitates after he recognizes the opening then only gets half the yardage. Like you said we don’t want him hurt but we do need him to advance when given the opportunities. WPS

Use the bye week to get everyone on the offense as healthy as possible, especially Burks and Boyd (and Knox if in fact a nagging injury has contributed to his lack of production). Give lots of reps to the second-teamers like Jefferson, Spivey, Morris, Limmer, Kendall Catalon, Luke Jones, etc.; their services will most likely be needed at some crucial point before this season is over, what with the bruising schedule we have coming up.

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I think that’s correct, get more reps to the 2nd and 3rd teamers on offense and coach them up. We’ve already seen what’s that done to the reserves on defense. They have saved the day.

This is the best answer

Design and execute better 2 point plays!

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Actually my greatest concern at this point and the most pregnant area for improvement is the special team play. Why have we had kicks blocked? How could we not have gone full out to protect against a fake punt when ahead by 2 scores towards the end of last game? Why haven’t we had at least one very good kick return? I don’t want to sound negative at this point, but the OP asked about improving (albeit he did limit his question to the offense, which I have not covered), and I see this is the area needing the most fine tuning. Just “tickled pink” with what I’m seeing overall so far, however, and we can (and I believe will) get better. It’s great to be a Razorback fan again! (Actually, I have never stopped being one, win or lose!!!)

I always. hesitate to criticize specific players…preferring to laud those that are playing well. So, I’ll say this. Having rewatched the game twice now…and focusing on the o-line alot…I can say that Stromberg and Clary are playing winning football. Even though they are not huge. Clary was borderline dominant versus Auburn when he came in. Stromberg is playing well too. Cunningham is playing pretty well…especially in pass pro. We need better oline play for the running game to improve. I do think Boyd is less than 100%…and he is probably rusty and perhaps missing some lanes. However, we are also not giving him or Smith consistent push or running room.

Long term, I KNOW this will be a strength. But oline push can’t be fixed quickly.

Within what Clay says is available or not available, the passing game being able to open up more downfield will give more flexibility and freedom for the run game in the 2nd half. I realize its a work in progress and patience is a virtue that doesn’t come without a price. So…carry on men and GHG! Praying for the banged-up and kudos to Coach Odom…

What about Burks as a running back?

He’s certainly effective running the ball, but that would increase his chances of getting hurt. I think he’s just too valuable as a reciever to run him more than 3-4 times a game.

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