Question for Dudley or Richard

Do you have any good news to share on the recruiting front?
I sure hope Gooden is a solid commit.

Both are too mart and too professional not to recognize that regardless of what facts they have to bring to the board in the midst of this panic/feeding frenzy, many would just react as more chum in the water. Not disputing the lack of results or even the need for change, but while the board is in full vent/meltdown mode and every word Bret ever said is being regurgitated as if it is the straw that breaks the camels back, rational discourse seems fruitless.

He maybe now, but if Bret is let go, I’d expect to lose some recruits and may even see some guys transfer.

The first problem for a new guy is, do I want the guys who are committed? The answer is unlikely to be yes every time.

The second problem is re-recruiting the guys you do want-difficult, especially since the chance of having a staff in place before the December signing period is just about nil. Naming a HC won’t do it for a lot of recruits, since the position coach fit is so important.

The third problem is that all of those carefully built contacts in south Louisiana, and the inroads in Texas may go poof. Remember BB’s first couple of years when we were taking more Florida guys because that is where the staff had contacts?
Hiring recruiters is a great buzzword for the new staff, but the reality is that this year in recruiting is going to be extremely challenging, and next year may or may not be any easier.

And of course you have to decide quickly who on the present team you really want to keep. You are going to lose some guys, some of whom may hurt. All the ones you want have to be re-recruited.

Decommitments will happen, that’s why it’s important to get a coach in line ASAP, so he can salvage what he can. Bret is almost certainly being fired, just a matter of when. Hopefully today.

But also, the new coach may see that he doesn’t want some of these commits, maybe they come in and are better evaluators than Bret and co and tell the kids it’s their best interest to go away. Who knows. I know Brets evaluation is pedestrian at best.

The faster we get things rolling, the better off this class will be. Thank god it’s a small class and won’t cause too much damage.

I would say that over half of the 11 guys that are committed to Arkansas - regardless of who the coach is.

Emmit Gooden believes he can help the situation and is not looking to run away from it although I am sure other schools would come in hard after him if a coaching change is made.

I think there are a few that are committed to the coaching staff that you would have to worry about.

So 6?


Jeremy Gibson, who was here for an official visit, is very solid based off our talk last night. He loves it in Fayetteville.