Question for die hard hoop fans

I asked this in another thread, but if we can’t have both (which I very much hope we can), would you rather flip Ware or sign Black? I’ll share my thoughts after I hear from some of you.

Why not be greedy and get them both!
Ware already committed to Oregon but it would be nice to get him. Black is a great player and it would be nice to get him too! In just a few weeks in the early singing period it would be great to get the ones already committed signed!
Between now and then if one or both of these players come on board it would be huge but I would like to see players commit that want to be hogs.

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Get the ones that want to be Razorbacks.


I hope Black sings the Razorback fight song in that early singing period, Army!

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Black no doubt


Big men with skills are harder to come by. That being said I would be thrilled with either.

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Both. :shushing_face:

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It’s going to be very hard to get that new shoe smell out of Ware’s nose… Black is our man.

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Obtain a commitment and ultimately sign Black. Please share your thoughts @jeremy

I enjoy the commentary you bring to the table.

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Not quite as hard as many assume.

But I still think he ends up at Oregon. More to it than many believe

I do think we get Black, but I’m interested in where Muss plays them all.

Thank you, Scotch. I would love to flip Ware because he’s an Arkansas kid, and we could use some more size. But I have heard some question his motor. I would still love to have him, but only if he truly wants to be a Hog. I’m sure Nick is in his ear. As far as Black, I have heard he loved his visit here so much, that he recommended to his then teammates at Duncanville that they visit here too. And Duncanville has some studs. So if I had to pick one, I would have to go with Black.

Ware just won’t happen.

Black. With at least two one and dones in this class, cohesion is important and I’m not sure Ware can fit in with the styles of the other guys.

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