question for DD and maybe Richard

which following recruiting class for baseball is most impacted by a great season like the Hogs just finished? I believe that it is Duds theory that it is not the next class in football most impacted by a great year, but the subsequent one following?? Even it that has changed as the dynamics of recruiting have evolved, can the Hogs expect future recruiting benefits from the season?? Obviously the next class is done and drafted, so in generalizations can you give me your opinions as to when a great season impacts a recruiting class in football, basketball and baseball? I’ll hang up and listen.

Not DD or Richard but just my opinion for baseball…

The 2019 class has 15 commits. It is basically full but I would expect a few adds and a couple currently on the list to not make it for one reason or another. So the recent success for this class should help some but not as much as others. Most of the big 2019 kids are already off the Board and have been for a while. There will be late risers and JUCOs that can/will be added. The biggest benefit of the showing this year for this class may be the desire of some of the top kids to come to school, especially since they will be playing with the likes of Martin and Kjerstad.

The 2020 class has 10 commits. This class can really benefit from the strong showing. Once again, a lot of the big names in that class have long been committed but there will be numerous late bloomers that everyone will want.

The 2021 class has 5 commits. This is where the biggest impact will be.

I also think AR is ripe to pick up some JUCO talent in all of these classes. We already have in 2018. The job Wes did with Trevor Stephan makes a huge impact. All the TV time we got let those kids see exactly how they could fit in and where we need help. JUCO talent will go where it can play and not sit.

I think you’ll see this year’s success play out the most in the classes of 2021 and 2022. A lot of baseball recruiting is focused on the freshman and sophomore years of high school.