Question for Clay

How are you feeling? I hope your better.

I’ll let Clay fill you in on the details whenever he gets on the board again, but I had lunch with him yesterday and talked with him this morning, and can tell he’s feeling better.

Thank you Matt. Clay is a very big part of hogs sports in my book!

Getting better. I’m actually thinking about fishing again. I was hardly even dreaming about that possibility for a few weeks. My barometer is Jean Ann. She says my wound looks a lot better. Now gotta get my knee working.

Scottie and Matt have promised to push our wheelchairs when the time comes.

Good one, Dudley. :lol:

Make sure you don’t let Cosmo Kramer sell you one. The brakes might not work. :lol:

This is a true story. I went to Walmart last week to buy more gauze and bandages for my wound. I could not get down the first aid aisle. There were 3 elderly folks parked there in the motorized shopping carts waiting “out of the way” for their meds to be filled. None could hear well. I asked to get into that area a couple of times. One said “we are fine. No worries here.” So I left and stopped at Walgreens on way home and got the stuff I needed. It was sad to the point of being funny. I told Jean Ann. She had the same exact thing happen at Walmart today. The old folks in their cart apparently do like to wait in the first aid aisle while their meds are filled.