Question for Clay or Dudley

If Gus has already agreed to be our coach, it appears to me we are spending north of 20 million to get Gus as our coach and maybe have two games a year in Little Rock. I live out of state and do not know all the inner workings.

If his current employer wants him gone as its been reported they may not enforce the buy out. Who knows?

I surely don’t.

I do not see any way Little Rock gets more games. They will be very fortunate to keep the game they have now. Especially if the state can’t find a way to make the modifications that UA outlined to state officials recently, which could cost up to $10 million without adding a single seat. The SEC is developing stadium standards that WMS will not meet without improvements.

I say we do one game in LR, and that being the Mizzou game. I liked the LSU games in LR after Thanksgiving. If Mizzou beats us down this year (which they very will might), the game may actually become more of a rivalry game. Anyway, the students are gone from Fayetteville for Thanksgiving, and it would be a good gift to central Arkansas to make a holiday game out of it.

If ANYONE tries to have more than 1 football game in LR the Razorback Foundation would take a HUGE Hit from donors in NWA. I seriously doubt LR will get more than 1 game just to much difference in revenue in the 2 stadiums. Just sayin!

The most there will ever be in Little Rock is one per year.

What about the money question?

I do not know how the buyouts are actually structured or what can be negotiated.

Thanks for answering for me.