Question for Clay on next season

Hey Clay, seems like its that time of year again when you are putting together your annual Football preview.

I have a couple questions, first what do you think a 6 win regular season and a bowl game would do for this program at this state of the Morris area?

Second how important is the Ole Miss early season game in your opinion?


Not Clay, but during a recent interview with AD discussing the basketball coach hire , Hunter was asked about next years football wins and indicated he expected a 7 win season-- 4 non conference, with Miss and MSU being down in the west , then one from the remaining group. In other words, a bowl season for sure and finish strong since the non conference schedule was ramping up in the coming years. I think 7 is the expected number—big expectation for improvement.

That seems like the kiss of death having your AD calling for 7 wins, I hope he is right, just wondering if he watched last years games.

I wouldn’t dare try to guess on a win total in April. Never have. Never will. I don’t mind you asking, but I just don’t know enough to venture any kind of guess. And, I’m mainly talking about other teams.

Yes, I’ll work on the summer preview in the coming weeks, but I’m not there yet. Getting interviews set for a three-week grind of putting together that magazine is among the highlights of my year. It’s work, but it’s also fun.

Anyone who picks win totals right now is kind of crazy. I’m crazy about some things, but not crazy about doing something like that.

I’ll be interested in what expectations are in this thread, but I’m not going to be any help with that.

That’s interesting - not sure if I’ve ever heard one of our ADs talk about season goals with this much specificity and identify games as likely wins.

Very interesting.

6 wins and a bowl. A bowl win would be a bonus.
I just don’t think our O line is ready for anymore than that.

Truth is that we don’t really know what we have at this point. As always, I am optimistic!

This, exactly


We won two games last year. QB play should be better, and D should be better, but if the line can’t block it doesn’t matter. I’m going to have to see evidence that they can keep Hicks/Starkel/whoever vertical.

Offensive line play is the key, which comes as no surprise to anyone. We lost 3 veterans but I think the only major loss was Froholt.
Defense could be much better depending n how quick this young secondary comes along.
I just hope we can win the close ones (some anyway) whether it’s hanging on to win or coming back to win.

Total wins prediction? Hopefully 4 for sure.

Defense will be the key and IMO we have a long ways to go to be ready,we will have a young inexperienced secondary and that spells trouble in a Chavis defense…I remember his last yr at Ta&m he had a very talented but young secondary and they got ate alive!! about 40 pt a game.He only knows one way to coach and the secondary has to be talented and experienced.
I think we can win all the OOC games but not real sure about the rest yet.OM in the 2nd game will be a handful for this defense having to defend the spread offense of Rodqiques but hopefully the offense can put enough up to pull it out…

I hope I’m wrong but as young and inexperienced s will be defense I am not expecting a whole lot just want to see us show heart and compete with an attitude we will get more wins with better players/experience.

Hmmm…would like to see that quote/vid where HY said he expected 7 wins next year :sunglasses: