Question for Clay . . . Kofi Boateng?

I know that Kofi suffered an ACL injury last summer (2016), but it just occurred to me that when there are discussions of our WR and 7 or 8 names are thrown out there - including 3 true freshmen - Kofi is never mentioned. Is this a result of him still not being fully recovered from his ACL . . . or is he “recovered” but simply behind all of the others so far?

He’s told me he is fully healthy.

Looks like he just needs to take his opportunity.

He sure looks the part.

Next opportunity, could you or Clay ask a question about him, specifically, to get a coach’s response to that question?

Thanks in advance.

I’ll check. I did ask at the start of fall camp. The response was that he wasn’t all the way back. Maybe some of that is still mental. He’s 12-months out from surgery. He ought to be getting close to full strength. I’m told that linemen can “do their thing” 9-10 months out from surgery, but the folks in the skill positions take a little bit longer, especially an offensive player who has to get over the idea that someone is going to hit that knee.