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For most of my over half century on this ball of mud I’ve been a die-hard football and basketball junkie. I know those sports pretty much inside and out. Only recently, within the last 7-10 years have I taken up watching baseball and then can only seem to watch college level. I’ve pretty much given up on almost all pro sports except if my Steelers are playing. Still watch them.

Anyways on to my baseball question…

I know baseball has many unspoken elements or things that are “just the way they are” but I keep seeing one thing that drives me nuts and I wonder if its just something that’s ignored. When watching a team turn a double play, there have been a few times that it really looks as if whomever is covering second base never really touches the base just gets close. I’ve backed up replay a few times and sometimes they do just quickly drag across it, but several times they do miss and sometimes its not even close. I’ve seen them step on the base then off before they even catch the ball and make the quick throw to 1st.

Is this one of those just ignored things that they let baseball get away with? Hell they review if the runner beat the throw to 1st or if the 1st baseman was still in contact with the bag when he had the ball. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them look at 2nd base except in a stolen base or a leave early on a fly situation.

Is it just given to the team when they try to turn a DP that the player touched second, or does it just have to be close, etc? For some of the things baseball can be damn picky about they seem really lax on this.

For years, middle infielders would “ghost” at second base if the out was clear and obvious. The reason was because baserunners would barrel through the bag to keep the MIF from getting a clean “turn” on the double play. Here are a few examples of what MIF want to avoid:

MLB didn’t enforce the ghost to avoid injuries, fights, etc. The rule changed (I am almost 100% positive) in MLB to match college, HS, etc. The runner to 2nd must be in line to 2nd base with their body AND able to touch the base at the point of contact with a fielder or interference is declared and a double play is automatically called. Some leagues (but I don’t think MLB) has a rule about the runner to 2nd getting down and out of the way lest they get an interference call as well. So, you will notice in the FL series or the TN series the runner would slide about halfway to 2nd base because UA already had the ball at 2nd to be turned to first. A bad throw and the batter can advance, but if the runner doesn’t get down the batter is automatically out.

Something like that.

MLB has been trying to eliminate contact between runners and defenders. College and HS have seen the wisdom in this as well. In fact, college and HS led the way on some of this, I believe.

As for your spot-on comment about starting with the foot on and then stepping off early - they are avoiding contact, but they are also being allowed to start the transfer early…as long as the ball is fielded in a position (upper body) that would allow the foot to stay on. If the throw is high/low or wide, or the timing is funky, they will call the MIF “off the bag.” Usually, though, those are throws/catches that cannot result in a double play and the MIF does the safe play anyway, acting like a 1B receiving the ball for a force at second.

I hope that helps.

They’ve always pretty much allowed the SS coming across to be in the “neighborhood” of 2nd base to protect them from hardsliding runners.every now and then they will call them safe for missing the bag and a huge argument ensues because they know that’s the unspoken rule to allow them to be close if not on the bag for safety reasons why

In the first game of the championship series against Oregon State, the Molester catcher was called for interference for going into second base standing in a double play situation. It cost OSU a run and helped us win the game.

UT just got screwed out of a win due to this very rule!

Wasn’t a screw job. If the Vol runner keeps his hand down, they win. He didn’t. Clear-cut interference, just as much as the Oregon State catcher. If you break a rule and they correctly call it, you didn’t get screwed.

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The runner cannot reach outside of his space. Ferguson did.

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Clear cut wouldn’t have required a review.

It’s not uncommon for pretty clear cut cases to be reviewed, especially in tournament play. Besides, clear cut on review doesn’t mean it was easily seen on the field.

Geez, you sound like a whiny Vomiteer fan. You didn’t mind the review in Omaha when Rutschman got called out, did you?

I’d certainly call it at least interference if you popped me in the balls in the middle of me trying to throw to 1st base.

It looked all right until you saw him reach outside his frame and nut punch him. I’d think if you were trying to block things for your safety then he would have been in more of a forearm extended with hand inside his frame. With that hand turned out and not hitting the leg closest but hitting the twig and berries… looked intentional to me. Thus interference.

I didnt mind the review on this play. Just disagreed with the outcome. Seriously, you…calling someone whiny?!

Your post is exactly what I would have expected on a Tennessee board from someone wearing orange colored glasses. And yes it read like a whine.

Yet I wasn’t on a utk board, and wear standard shades. Btw, do you enjoy being the board curmudgeon,or are u deep down disgusted by your sour disposition?

I will point it out when somebody posts something stupid. Or whiny. I expect the same in return. Can’t handle it? Block me. Won’t hurt my feelings.

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