Question for all.

I was just wondering since Musselman is a numbers guy. Will we see 3 players combine to take 100 3’s next season and only make 12%?
Also will the Higs rebound better?
Will CM get a few T’s or will he sit on his chair and cross his arms?

From video I saw today, Muss will work the refs a lot more than Mike did, but he’s good at going up to the line that will get him a T but not crossing it.

I think we will see a lot of 3’s still being taken but by guys who have proven that they can make them. Players will earn the right to take shots that they can make a high percentage of the time through countless hours of preparation and by demonstrating the ability to make those shots in practice. I do not know where you got the 12% number but I do know there were multiple players taking 3’s who just did not have that skill set. Getting beat on the boards practically every game in the SEC was a lot about playing smaller lineups because Anderson wanted speed and quickness. I think we will now see more emphasis placed on size and a defense that is more disciplined.

  1. I don’t think we’ll see that again. Just my opinion. One of the analytics sites I use says, for example, Jalen Harris was at his best last season in terms of scoring the ball when he got to the free throw line. That’s one thing Musselman is really going to encourage - attacking the rim and getting to the line. Let 3-point shooters take perimeter jumpers. I don’t think he’s just going to be fine with him, Gabe or Adrio settling for a bunch of 3s. There will be offensive freedom, but some guys will have shorter leashes than others. He had a ‘Everybody Has A Role’ mantra at Nevada and I’m sure he’ll define those here, too.

  2. Not sure if it should be expected to see a huge improvement on the glass in Year 1 with largely the same cast of guys, but I think Arkansas will become a better defensive rebounding team sooner than later. I think Musselman understands, or will, that it’s an area Arkansas can really improve and will emphasize it. His last team at Nevada was top 40 nationally in defensive rebounding, which would be a breath of fresh air here.

  3. Swine, I think, nailed it. His sideline demeanor will be a complete 180 from Mike Anderson. Fans will probably really like the fact that he’ll give officials a hard time on a regular basis.

Even bigger question…when will the shots at Anderson stop? I wasn’t for or against the firing but, the continued shots at Anderson got old LAST WEEK. He’s gone. We have a new coach.

My personal opinion is we will immediately improve with the exact same cast, because it will be valued by the coach around 95% more than the former staff.

If you weren’t for it, then you were against it, and the fact that you are posting about it belies your efforts, it’s too soon to be calling for this imo, the lack of success wounds are still raw. The raging debate for the last 3 seasons for the defenders and the people who wanted change is not gone from the memory banks.

I agree with you that we’ll see improvement. I’m just not expecting a huge improvement right away. Also, the sideline demeanor comment I made was not a shot at Mike. Hope that isn’t taken the wrong way. Mike, for the most part, was laid back on the sideline. That’s fine. Musselman is more in your face. That’s fine, too.

Our offensive rebounding really sucks, too, but it’s largely because of ill-advised, hurried 3-pointers.

First of all, you don’t know me from a hole in the wall so to tell me MY thought patterns and feelings is pure ignorance. Secondly, why act like an ex lover who claims he’s over someone yet continues to talk about them? Move on! Or are you too weak minded to do so?

but in this case, it’s just not true.

Support (or lack, thereof) for a college coach is not binary. Some of us just don’t get emotionally attached to a coach. We see them as temporary officeholders. Eventually, they will (retire, transfer, be fired) be replaced by coach “next.” Our emotional attachment is to the Razorbacks, themselves. We fully support our coaches while in office, and genuinely hope they do well, because that probably means the Razorbacks are also doing well. When the current coach is removed from office (via any reason above), we simply thank them for their service and start supporting coach “next” for the very same reason we supported their predecessor.

Bottom Line: Some Razorback fans were neither for nor against MA’s firing. It simply was what it was.

Couldn’t have said it better.

And furthermore, if he doesn’t do well, it doesn’t indicate a character flaw ( i.e., the obsession with calling Bielema a fat lazy drunk). A coach can have impeccable character and work habits and still lose, or be a piece of human guano and win anyway. As I said repeatedly, there were plausible arguments both ways about Mike. HY felt it was time to make a change. Thanks to Mike for his service, and we move forward with Muss.

The 12% is from the 3 point effort of Harris, Gabe and Adrio!

I have never questioned MA’s, BB’s, Nutt’s, Heath’s and Ford’s character, there are rumors and innuendo about many, but I honestly just don’t care unless you break the law or NCAA laws. Just win is all I care about, the rest is up to the administration to deal with. I was for all of these coaches being removed, it just doesn’t compute how someone can be neither and be a vested fan. IMO if you fall into that either category you are just a casual observer looking to be entertained.

I’ll help you out since this baffles you so. A part of me wanted 'new blood" because I just wasn’t sure if things would get better. I didn’t feel it would get worse. Just wasn’t sure it would get better. Having said that, a part of me wanted to see if it would get better under the former coach.
But, I’m still not understanding why you feel a line has to be drawn either way. You’ve never been torn about a decision? I’m thinking your 'failing to compute" speaks more of a flaw you have rather than what’s normal.
I can be a fan of a program without being vested in the retaining or firing of the program’s coach. And yes, sports is entertainment. That’s the one thing we agree on.

Hey if it’s just me I am okay with that, I was for retaining all of the coaches that have ever been here, until it was apparent to me, they weren’t going to improve or maintain a certain acceptable level of success, Hatfield, Sutton, and Holtz, I didn’t want to be let go, Richardson I didn’t want to go until he asked for it. I just can’t see how anyone looks at the past 8 years and says ehhh maybe the ninth and beyond he gets us to where we should be.

I had no idea if the 9th would. Just like I have no idea if the new coach can take us further. I’m excited about the possibilities tho.
Again, I was fine if Anderson stayed and am fine with the firing. I’ll never say Anderson wasn’t given a chance. He was and he apparently didn’t produce like the current AD wanted.
Now, it’s put up or shut up for the new coach. I hope he succeeds at a higher level than the previous coach.

The coaching change was made because HY believed we could have more success with a new coach. As HY has said repeatedly, he admired Mike as a principled man and a great leader of young men.

The bitterness during the firing of Mike and hiring of Muss is regrettable. I know that when you like, admire and believe that Mike’s time as coach should have continued, you will be hurt and will not embrace the new coach. I hope that in time, you will be able to support Coach Muss.