Question Dudley

At one point you thought today or Tuesday we would hear something, still feel that way?

Good question


But I am cautious in saying that as HY is doing a good job of not leaking anything…which is good for him, but not for the media.

Does anyone (BOT) outside HY know anything? Just curious if he’s operating completely on his own, or is the BOT aware, but actually keeping quiet for a change?

I am told he is running the search with a couple of advisors.

He is obviously in touch with the PTBs.

I say PTBs because not all of them are on the BOT.

Do you believe the Houston reporters tweet about Sampson has not been contacted?


These things are done between intermediaries until it is done and ready to announce.

I was once asked to be one during a coaching search at Arkansas and told that person no because I did not think it was ethical for me to do so.


I suspect if there was good news, it would somehow get to the media in order to leak out.