Question concerning switchover (Defensive Schemes)

Kendal Briles Veer and Shoot is a much simpler scheme to learn and implement (than the previous regime’s) as many Offensive plays are run out of the exact same look.

My question: Is Coach Odom’s 3-3-5 (aka spread minimizer) a similar switchover?

I don’t know if it’s simple or similar. But the first thing Odom told me that has to happen is for him to evaluate the players. That’s what was about to begin on Monday, but now on hold. Nothing is simple until there are practices. But he thinks it can happen. There are lots of new ones coming in the recent class. How many of them can stay healthy while they learn is critical. I’m talking more about August then, but they don’t need any injuries in the late April practices, if they get them. Not much recovery time.

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