Question concerning short bench debate

Muss was on record as saying his teams don’t scrimmage. He teaches drills. Could this be more of a contributing factor to this team hitting the wall? Where does the conditioning come from during the season?

Did he actually mean that? I took that a tongue in cheek comment. Surely they scrimmage.

I don’t know of any team that does not scrimmage in some of the practices. If there is, please correct me.

As much as kids play basketball most of their lives sidewalk, gyms etc. and then in school, I wonder why any basketball player of quality would ever not be in shape. I was not a very good baskeball player but do not recall ever getting tired in a game. But then again, in my day we did not drink growth hormones, they did not exist in those days.

Two things changed since the early part of the season; 1) The minutes have taken their toll along with bumps and bruises. 2) The competition got extremely better. WPS

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I actually recall Muss being quoted as saying that. I’m old and my memory ain’t the best. But, I thought I read that somewhere.

The injuries have taken a toll. Joe is our but look at the others.
Whitt has an injection in his back last week!
Sills turned his ankle just a few games ago.
Mason hit the floor had and grabbed his knee on the Auburn game!
They haven’t missed a game. Playing through these injuries takes a toll too!
Others folks on the board have mentioned the what if about Darius Hall, Emery-Simpson and Connor Vanover being on this roster. It’s really simple there’s just not enough help on the roster to cover for injuries or rest during a game.
While I haven’t thrown in the towel it’s obvious our hogs are handcuffed this season and the hope is it won’t be this way again! CEM is a good coach let’s give him time!

I’ve never said anything but “I’m excited the future under Muss” or something similar. I cautioned the “we’re going to the NCAA tourney” people and told them to just enjoy this team regardless.
No one can dig up a post of me saying otherwise.
This season has not be a disappointment nor has it done anything to lessen my excitement for what’s to come.

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