Richard do you know if Kevin Richardson will return next year for a medical redshirt season?

I checked into this last year and was told Richardson cannot gain a sixth year of eligibility. The NCAA is strict on granting those and Richardson does not qualify because one of his redshirt years was optional. The sixth-year rule states that a player must have had two years missed because of injury.

thanks for the information

Here is NCAA bylaw

A waiver of the five-year period of eligibility is designed to provide a student-athlete with the opportunity to participate in four seasons of intercollegiate competition within a five-year period. This waiver may be granted, based upon objective evidence, for reasons that are beyond the control of the student-athlete or the institution, which deprive the student-athlete of the opportunity to participate for more than one season in his or her sport within the five-year period.

The rulebook goes on to define “circumstances beyond control” as time missed because of a documented medical condition; a life-threatening injury or illness; erroneous advice from the university about matters pertaining to academics; natural disasters; or extreme financial hardship, such as a layoff or death in the family.

Kody Walker is the only Arkansas player I can remember getting a sixth year of eligibility.

I didn’t think he qualified either. The fact that they elected to redshirt him the first year – not because of injury – does not allow him to get a sixth year. It sucks that he only played three years, but it also highlights the reason to sometimes play a guy early and then see if he can turn an ankle (not on purpose). But if there is anything that warrants sitting him, then you then can get that sixth year later. I do know they think about that. I hate that the rule would get abused, but I guess it does. Kevin was a walk-on and wasn’t really on the radar to play that first year.

Donnie Centers, Longview, TX was also granted a sixth year of eligibility in the late eighties or early nineties to play football at Arkansas. I do believe Centers was dismissed from the team for rule violations during his sixth year.