Question about yesterday

Tom Murphy’s story said A.J. Reed made the field goal attempt shortly before halftime that was wiped out by the delay of game penalty. My recollection, sneaking peeks on my phone at work, is that he had the distance but not the accuracy; it was wide left. Does anyone else remember that kick?

It was wide left …

Also the UGA kicker missed his first attempt but we called timeout and he hit the second.

We fought, just don’t have the depth.

Yep, he doinked the first one off the right upright, made the second. I thought that three points could come back to haunt us. Not really. But at least they didn’t cover the spread.

It looked good from my seat, but I saw the replay and it looks wide to the left. The officials never signaled because of the delay of game.

I sit in the SEZ, it was wide left the whole way.

Aloha Jeff,

Good catch. I too saw it wide left. Tom Murphy later corrected, stating it was indeed wide left.


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