Question about walk ons

At one time the NCAA rule was if a walk on sets foot in a game he is counted as a scholarship. I have assumed there had to be a slot for him etc.

My question is: Is that still a rule? I can see if it is not some schools might load up with “walk ons” who just happen to be quality players etc.

That is not the rule. But if a walk on is on academic scholarship and plays in first 2 years, there was a cost on the scholarship load. If he is not on academic aid, it does not count against the limits.

That is commonly referred as the “Nebraska rule,” because every community in Nebraska was giving huge academic based scholarships for the top 2-3 player in town to “walk on” at Nebraska. They had a huge walk-on program, sometimes 100 players. That’s why they had the biggest weight room in the country. The NCAA had to figure out how to handle an obvious attempt to fund “by an entire state” a massive walk-on program.

Thanks Clay, I have not kept up with details lately.

Especially for kids not playing football or basketball, I wish they really understood how important this is to qualify to play college sports because of the limited number of athletic scholarships. Coaches love kids with good grades because they seem to always find money and save the few athletic scholarships on the few superstars they may be going after. Plus so many of the athletic scholarships are partial so they can combine them with academic to get close to a full ride. It may be the difference in being offered a spot on a roster

There is an exception to that Nebraska rule if the walk-on is never recruited or contacted by the school at all. Kikko Haydar was never recruited or contacted by the basketball program at FHS so he kept his academic scholarship. Which was more money than he would have gotten on a full basketball ride.

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